Pear And Coin

Timeless Quality Furniture

Pear And Coin Ltd. is a company specializing in unique design furniture and interior products.

Our furniture is made according to highest design, quality, sustainability and ethical standards.

Our furniture is assembled for You, not by you. We want our furniture to be part of your important moments in life.

"Founded by two lifelong friends with a passion to create and design. our vision is to see furniture beyond its functional purposes..."

Pear & Coin Ltd. is founded on a vision that furniture should bring positive energy to everyday life, as well as to those special moments shared with friends and family.
We want to make furniture that inspires you and plays an important part in your life's moments. We believe that every home should be a tranquil and welcoming getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy modern life.




Juhani Horelli
Chief Designer

Mikko Laaksonen

Associates & Staff

Toño Fernández
Kabut Studio
Graphic Design

Ilkka Vuorinen
Musta & Valkoinen

Studio Photography

Annika Johansson

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