Pear And Coin

Timeless Quality Furniture

Pear And Coin Ltd. is a company specializing in unique design furniture and interior products.

Our furniture is made according to highest design, quality, sustainability and ethical standards.

Our furniture is assembled for You, not by you. We want our furniture to be part of your important moments in life.

We Take Sustainability Seriously.

For us, sustainability isn't just an environmental issue. It includes ethical and social sustainability. We believe in fairness, both in sourcing our materials, as well as in crafting our products. We only work with partners that operate in a transparent way and that we can meet in person regularly, as well as visit the facilities.

For us, sustainability means that we can provide the best quality products, with a clear conscience. This means that our customers benefit not only from pristine quality, but also our full concentration on what is important: The design and the feel of the furniture.

Manufacturing & Materials

Our manufacturing facilities are currently all located in Northern Europe, more precisely in Southern Finland. Therefore we can guarantee that the production environment is safe and the employees are fairly paid for fair daily working hours.

All our production partners naturally abide to EU and local legislation. We also visit the facilities often to ensure that our partners are happy -- as that also ensures the quality of the products.

Our materials are also sourced mainly locally. Finland has plentiful forests with excellent quality wood materials to work with. The Finnish government is also committed to sustainable development.

Postage & Packaging

The packaging is optimized in terms of size to minimize the necessary packaging materials. We source our packaging materials from local family-owned companies.

We prefer recycled and recyclable materials where possible. The cardboard we use is recycled and recyclable. The plastic padding is non-toxic and it can be burned without harmful emissions.

We prefer posting by the most environmentally friendly option. For example, local deliveries are 100% co2 neutral. International deliveries are handled by partners that have a convincing track record in sustainability.

Product Quality

Last but not least, we believe that product quality is essential to sustainability. We want to create products that will last for a long time. The longer the lifecycle of the product, the less resources are used, as you don't have to go out buying new furniture every year.

Quality, however, is not only a matter of long lasting materials and build.

Design should also aim to be timeless for the product to remain in use for the longest possible time. That is why design is in the core of our dna. For aesthetic, as well as ethical reasons.

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